Moodle is the best an Educator can get(Yes you thought it correct, we used the line inspired by Gillete) and we are the go-to people for everything in Moodle!

E-Learning is not just about gaining knowledge from the web now. People nowadays are more eager to learn through variety of expressive ways with the modern UI/UX alterations. With time, blended learning has become an integral part of our education system. And with this evolution in e-Learning, educators are willing to go that extra mile creating a ubiquitous experience for learners. That’s where we, EruditionTec come in with all our experience and skillset.

EruditionTec have created modules/plugins,designed/developed themes and helped clients leverage Moodle to provide superior learning experience for their students/customers.We have worked on several high end projects assisting and building wonderful relationship with clients through trust and quality assurance.


E-Commerce segment is the new trendsetter in the market and the competition is fearsome to say the least. Your online store is your first and sometimes the only chance to impress your prospective users/buyers, don’t miss out the chance to make a difference here. EruditionTec along with WooCommerce the world’s most loved e-commerce engine can help you create the positive vibes.

Be it a new shipping method or a new payment gateway integration we do it all. Our plugin WooWallet is setting new trends in the digital payment options.


EruditionTec has been crafting visual identities for brand names, charities, government organisations and businesses, large and small with trust and quality. We tend to redefine the presets and try to take a leap further in this digital age with complete solutions including but not limited to design, branding and development.

The use of open source CMS WordPress makes all our creations flexible and lightweight!  This very nature has preceded this platform to allocate with custom features in the form of plugins, extensions, templates and allow integration with third party API such as Payment Processors, ERPs, Cloud Storage etc. At EruditionTec we do all of them with ease.


We are support fanatics, both our products and services are covered with best in class support from our help-desk wizards. Customers using our services are entitled to a 45 days bug fixing support even after project delivery and deployment.